Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Rocket Science 101


Keeping the writing to a minimum today to showcase this great poster... And what an amazing visual tribute to the history of rocket development!

The Saturn V, at just under 50 meters, remains the largest rocket ever built by the human race... which is not to say that the rest of this collection, labeled with rocket model names and nations of origin, isn't also fascinating!

The infamous V-2 isn't hard to find it you remember the bumblebee colors; Sputnik’s rocket takes a bit more hunting! And does anyone remember what the Véronique was used for?

Rockets of the World This amazing poster, still for sale at ULTIMAX, accompanied a wonderful book called Rockets of the World by physicist Peter Alway.  The book is also still available through Araway Press or on Amazon.

Click the photo above or click here for the full-sized vertical image (3,322×5,079 pixels!), although if you want to save your neck a few aches, I found it easier to turn the graphic. You can click here for a full-sized horizontal image.

I wish I'd had this when I made the World Space Agencies Map, I could have used some rockets for markers in each nation!