Monday, September 10, 2012

Space Cats With Thumbs!


One of my [many, many] guilty-surfing-pleasures is the LOLcat phenomena... every year or so, I feature some of the space-themed LOLcats for fun. While compiling a recent set for future spotlighting, I stumbled across a mysterious Russian-American teacher who writes the inexplicably-named Cats With Thumbs blog.

Cats With Thumbs
Well, at least I think it's a mysterious Russian-American -- that conclusion took some poking around. Presumably, the reporters for this news blog are felines with opposable digits who roam the world gaining insights into breaking news at NASA, the US State Department, Library of Congress, Department of Commerce, Russia and Roscosmos. Oh, and the American Association of Feline Practitioners.

I've had quite an amusing time studying their take on Canada's attempt to annex North Dakota, Wal*Mart's bid to purchase Iraq, the current Pope's conversion to the Southern Baptist faith, and ... well, you get the idea.

I think my second-favorite has to be: United Kingdom Petitions World Court for Return of Original 13 U.S. Colonies. Good luck with that, giddy ministers!

There's a point here. I'm getting to it.

UFO Kitteh
My overall favorite, is how all the Earth cats have determined that aliens in our universe want nothing to do with us goofy Earthlings!

Stephen Hawking would be proud
. I wonder if he likes cats? According to them, communications from alien beings indicate they would appreciate it if we Earthlings stopped bothering them, or at the very least, stopped broadcasting cable television signals: "To put it bluntly, they think we're crackpots."

Apparently, they have a particular problem with Simon Cowell. However, they have not entirely ruled out sending ambassadors to Iceland. Volcanic eruptions notwithstanding, they appear to admire the √ćslendingars.

Slightly less PC and a little more eyebrow raising in her space news is the report that Illegal Immigrants Were Discovered Aboard International Space Station, and all I can say is, OUCH.

Onion-worthy. Truly.