Thursday, February 16, 2012

Space LOLz


Fun new websites for technology geeks! Er... enthusiasts, rather. I more often review books, but sometimes web crawling is worth it -- and it's rare that I find such entertaining sites back-to-back in the same week!

The Phuture News offers the news headlines of tomorrow today...wait, what? The stories and articles are not limited to the space or even science industries -– but one must be suspicious about all their foreknowledge if they are not, in fact, wormhole-worthy time-travelers.

See the projected future of Technology, Sports, Entertainment (Bieber for President??), and even the Business world; you can also vote on stories as to whether you think they're likely to happen...

All quite funny, and more philosophical and hopeful (okay, sometimes skeptical) about where humankind is headed. So much for December 21, 2012. You can also submit your own stories a about what you think the future holds.

Some of their recent gems include:

2054 : Monty Python's Philosophers' Soccer Match Recreated With Genetically Regenerated Philosophers

2053 : Spock thinking outside of the box again

2030 : First man on Mars After the First Woman; Adam Armstrong, great grandson of Neil Armstrong

2023 : Frozen remains of 'dragon' unearthed; scientific community in uproar

Another wonderful new site is the very eclectic Astronomy Humor, holding the largest assortment of space-related jokes, funny photos, pop culture, links, and novelty products I've ever seen!

Nothing in particular is promoted or "endorsed" among the products; only the author's own Astronomy Humor e-book is for sale on the site. The rest is rather a collection of humor and internet stores where one can find great space-related treats by category.

Contributions from readers are also welcome here and on the Astronomy Humor Facebook page. So hey, photograph and submit your newest space tattoo!

Creator Cristina Della Rosa is a volunteer and Board President of the Marie Drake Planetarium in Juneau, Alaska.