Friday, February 24, 2012

Fry's Space Shuttle


Yet another tourist attraction hiding in a retail store, of all places! On my quest to see all the space-themed Fry's Electronics warehouses, I guess I just have Space-Shuttle-On-The-Brain right now.

The real shuttles and shuttle simulators will be heading to museums this year, but one handy mock-up has been on display for quite awhile now, and is easy to see… usually with no line!

Space Shuttle Flight Deck
Shuttle Flight Deck

In 2010, I featured the Fry's Space Station store near Johnson Space Center in Houston, which has full-sized models of the ISS modules; then in 2011 I visited Fry's Space Ship in Burbank, where the local store displays 1950s science fiction movies... mostly space ships, as constructed on a huge scale both inside and out.

I'll go to any Fry's branch and blow a few hours at a time looking at gadgets and hardware, but of course, I think the space stores are the most fun. This one also has various astronaut tributes, and a space-themed "Café Canaveral" where you can get a typically unhealthy American meal. Pass. I'll be in the DVD section for a few weeks, instead.

Space Shuttle Cockpit
Playing inside the cockpit

As ever, I'm not promoting or endorsing anything in particular in Fry's Electronics, but I am glad to see them honoring space artifacts and themes; it is fun to see a store chain have a good time in the pop-culture or scientific landscape!

Perhaps someday I'll visit one of the other 30-some-odd sites with international, cartoon or even under-water themes… but I sure wish they would do up one whole store as planet Mars!

Camilla Corona
I wonder what this button does?

It was my great pleasure to visit this particular outlet with NASA mascot Camilla SDO, dressed for action in her spiffy flight suit! We particularly enjoyed the mission clock details, surrounding shuttle launch films, and the autographed picture of Neil Armstrong.

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