Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Space Photos of the Year


Shamelessly using this week's theme as an excuse to publish this picture, which I would distribute every day if I could.

Heather with Shuttle Atlantis
Dream. Come. True.

That's me. That's Space Shuttle Atlantis. I was photographed with this beautiful orbiter on July 7th of this year, whilst cavorting with numerous other space enthusiasts, journalists and KSC workers.

The following morning, I laughed I cried I watched in awe as she took to the skies for the final time, providing the curtain call to the Space Shuttle Program.

STS-135 Launch
I still cannot believe I took this photograph.

It took days to sink in. Actually, it took weeks to sink in. Someone recently tweeted the 6-month anniversary of the launch, and I realized it is still sinking in.

It was my great honor and joy to witness this amazing piece of human history in the year 2011.