Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Test Your Inner SpaceNerd


I visited and took their Space Test... which is both highly entertaining and amusing.

Test Your Knowledge of Space
For you sticklers: in question six, they meant "revolve" and not "rotate", so don't be snarky. And please don't have a meltdown when they mention "THE EIGHT PLANETS" and neglect to include PLUTO! Fair warning.

I [very nearly almost] aced this with my mental store of geek history, and some blind luck identifying a few pictures. However, it seems I need to brush up on some scientific definitions:

The NerdTests' Space Test says I'm a Master of Uber Space Nerd's Mentor.  What kind of space nerd are you?  Click here!

The site claims that 21,215 unique people have now taken this test (26% female, 71% male and 4% "confused") – seriously, what is with this poor, poor showing of double-XX chromosomes? Come on ladies, join in the full frontal nerdity!

Interestingly, nearly 12% of the people who have taken the test on this web page believe we as a species have NOT been to the moon. Another 2% think neutrinos indicate a cloaked spaceship, and thus watch too much Star Trek.

While "polling the masses" toward the end, 59% think humans will return to the moon by 2020, and almost 68% hope to be on Mars by 2030.

Now if you'll excuse me, my borderline OCD perfectionism complex demands that I go line by line and Google all of the topics, to figure out what the heck questions I missed...