Friday, September 2, 2011

Pizzeria Luna


This is almost better than tin foil hats amplifying secret government frequencies. Almost.

It seems that Domino's Pizza representatives in Japan say they believe many people will be living and working on the moon in the future, enough so that they are already planning a Domino's Pizzeria restaurant to service the demands of would-be Lunar citizens.

While Domino's affiliate in the Land of the Rising Sun have no vehicle designed to land on the moon, and no one has any current way of sustaining life there, they have nonetheless developed a budget and virtual blueprints.

Moon Pizza
Estimating that it will require about $20 billion to build, their long-term intent is to transport 70 tons of building materials and pizza fixings over the course of 15 rockets launches.

What rockets, you ask? Well, yeah. That is some lofty chutzpah right there. They may be -- excuse the pun -- asking for the moon.

I figured humanity might consider the ins and outs of general life support on the moon before we start planning our junk food binges, but far be it from me to rain on their parade. Seems they still have pizza-delivery envy over Pizza Hut staging a PR stunt on the International Space Station back in 2001.

Lunar Pizza
Already recruiting delivery personnel?

I think the "Death and Taxes" magazine summed it up best: "A Domino's spokesman stated that they started thinking of the idea over year ago. She did not comment on whether or not they were stoned."

I know I've been something of a skeptic this month, and more than a little snarky about the end of manned spaceflight in America, but space humor doesn't always provide a good substitute for HOPE. But hey. Who knows? Maybe someday the moon really will come with (extra) cheese.

If you have a strong stomach, you can check out the cheesy, publicity-stunt video about the Moon Branch Project on the Domino's .JP website.