Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Space Cadets


Eager Young Space Cadets! Well, I have all sorts of nerd toys on Facebook, such as movie and television quote generators, but in honor of the 50th anniversary of space flight -- both Russian and American -- I decided to get serious, and create an application there that truly honors space exploration in all its glory!

Check out the new Space Cadets Quote App Generator on Facebook! This link takes you to the Fan Wall, so click the "Go To App" button to generate quotes from famous faces in the space industry, including rocket scientists, cosmologists, astronauts, cosmonauts, physicists, science fiction authors and scientific essayists.

Robert Zubrin Mars Society
I know, I know, all the ads can be annoying -- but unfortunately, those are placed in the layout by the third-party NDE or by Facebook, so there isn't any way for me to lessen them. I always just hope people appreciate the fun more than the annoyance of pop-ups!

The INFO Tab has all the application details, as well as links to related applications. If you want to see all the quotes (there are currently 90 total), go to the DISCUSSIONS Tab. From various places in the quote generator, you can also send suggestions for new quotes to the development manager, or simply post them on the Fan Wall after you hit the LIKE button.

And of course, I welcome any feedback in the REVIEWS Tab after you've the collection of pictures and quotes!

How many faces do you recognize? It was fun for me to put all these together because, in some cases, I knew the person but not their quotable moments; in other cases, I knew the person's work, but not what they looked like! So it's also got an educational bent, and I hope everyone enjoys something a little more "brainy" than what we usually expect from Facebook!

Come play and post!