Thursday, April 14, 2011

Space Geek Quiz


How do you know if you are an Astro-Nut or an Astro-NOT? Add up your points in the Space Geek Quiz?

1. You know offhand what the "STS" in STS-134 stands for. Next launch, coming April 29th!

2. You can name every NASA program from 1959 onward, and still think it's kinda weird that the lunar program was misnamed for the Greek god of the Sun. (???)

3. Having NASA TV on in a separate web browser throughout the day is nothing unusual.

4. Your favorite film is about aliens or space exploration in some far-off universe where there is no such thing as money, language differences or individual clothing styles.

NASA Space Geeks
5. You've spent more than one Halloween dressed as one of the aliens in said film from above.

6. Your mouse pad and the screen saver of all your collective gadgetry features pulsars, nebulae, supernovas or black holes.

7. You actually know the difference between pulsars, nebulae, supernovas or black holes.

8. And when someone mentions it, you actually feel the need to explain that pictures are inaccurate anyway – because black holes are invisible, so we can only surmise their properties by observing effects on objects around them.

9. You were relieved when "stellar" finally went out of vogue as a dorky slang term that was hitherto synonymous with "cool".

10. Your Twitter feed, social media page or email handle is a space term cleverly coupled with your personal nickname.

11. There is really nothing wrong with having Shuttle tiles in your office at work. And that space helmet is a conversation piece.

12. You can name all twelve American astronauts who walked on the moon. In order.

13. You are still currently hungover from that Yuri's Night celebration.

SCORE 1-3: Clearly you get out too much. And you have a tan. You're no space geek, why are you even taking a computer quiz??

SCORE 4-6: They would totally beat you up at a Star Trek Convention.

SCORE 7-8: Not too shabby, but your kids probably still know more than you do.

SCORE 9-10: The Planetary Society would benefit from your membership and you should get a free telescope. Wish I had one to give away.

SCORE 11-12: You are starting to annoy people at cocktail parties with space facts, but really, they are just jealous of your incredible space smarts. Have you thought about applying to NASA?

Certified Space Cadet!

SCORE 13: Certified SPACE CADET!

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