Tuesday, February 15, 2011

All Fun & Ames


Tweetup time! The media and lecture events at NASA Ames were a blast... good turnout, great crowd, amazing scientists, and a truly wonderful time had by all. Kudos to the planners who made this first Ames tweetup happen; before the day was over, people were asking for another, because we didn't even scratch the surface when it comes to all the amazing projects at the Ames Research Center!

My Twitter feed has died down now, but definitely join me on my YouTube Channel or Facebook Page for the next couple weeks if you are interested in seeing behind-the-scenes action.

Last tweetup, I had tons of pictures. This time, I made effort to take video footage as well. I have loads of fascinating stories and interviews of the Kepler Mission teams, SOFIA project, Shuttle and Lunar Lander Simulators, Supersonic Wind Tunnels, Hangar One, Future Flight Central, musical stars (really), and the new green building under construction at Ames, Sustainability Base.

Area 51
Flight Designer Humor

We were also treated to some "famous faces" in the space industry such as astronaut Bo Bobko (three-time Shuttle veteran), Center Director Pete Worden (previously of Space Command and an early satellite pioneer) and David Morrison, whom most people know as Carl Sagan's first doctoral student -- but who has gone on to have such an amazing career, I could spend a whole week on his credentials alone. I love meeting people who have asteroids named after them. ;)

What, you mean you don't have a Hypervelocity
Free-Flight Aerodynamic Facility in your backyard too?

To kick things off, I'll start with an upload to Picasa. I've just finished labeling my photos, and picked out a few humorous shots that show the culture and ambiance of Ames. Like most development environments, folks like to have their toys (the Starship Enterprise in the Kepler conference room really set the tone for me, LOL!)... and yes, one of NASA's mascots is a yellow rubber chicken. No joke! ;)

Robyn with Camilla_SDO
Robyn with Camilla SDO

Click any photo or Picasa links to the new Ames Tweetup gallery to see the fun, and I'll be adding more pictures each day as I organize the interviews and videos that go along with them!