Friday, June 11, 2010

Face in Space


Who wants to fly on the next Space Shuttle? NASA is giving us all a unique opportunity to fly our names and/or images on one of the remaining two Shuttle trips: Discovery STS-133 (due to launch on September 16th) and Endeavour STS-134 (originally set for November of this year, but may be moved into 2011).

Go the the NASA Face in Space website and update a .jpg or .gif file of yourself (or simply enter your name). All materials will be stored on Discovery or Endeavour during their final missions!

NASA Face In Space
Once you have entered all the information and submitted a photo, you'll have an opportunity to size and crop the photo into a window of the shuttle, and blast off into Earth's atmosphere.

Also, click on the Participation Map to see all the people, all over the world, who are flying with us!

I submitted my favorite photo from my work with the Human Test Research Facility (HTSF), featuring our team from the C3 campaign -- boy, we all look pretty happy for a bunch of people getting ready to evacuate due to Hurricane Ike, don't we? Seems like it was just yesterday...

Space Shuttle Discovery Final Mission
Kjell, Devin, Marcus, Heather & Deron

...and hey, there we are on the Space Shuttle Discovery!

You will receive a confirmation number for the flight you choose, and after that flight has returned home to Earth, you can print out an official certificate verifying your trip into space (which you can also share on Twitter and Facebook).