Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dear NASA...


Mrs. Lyons second grade class is holding a Planetary Body of the Year contest, and invite everyone to vote, based on the information in their essays!

Planetary Body of the Year
Boys and girls around the age of 10 studied various objects in our solar system and all wrote very convincing letters about our Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth's Moon, Saturn… even the properties of Asteroids.

I for one was terribly impressed with Josephine's vocabulary, Casey's NASA logo, and Isaiah's accurate drawing of Jupiter. Adam was very excited and convincing about Mars (which happens to be my favorite planet)... so I may vote for that one. But this is such a tough decision -- because of course, if we don't pick Saturn, poor little Davy says he might die!

Madisyn For Venus
The majority vote in the classroom belongs to Neptune, though Kimmy was very eloquent about Uranus, a truly under-appreciated planet, so I'm tempted to vote for that one too.

Young Betsy promoted Pluto... we knew someone would! It might be nice to see Pluto win, after all the humbling it has suffered over the past few years...

So, what's the best place in the solar system? Everyone please take a look at the kids' letters and cast your vote!

You can also leave comments for them all about their wonderful letters on the main page, or on the pages for each of their submissions.