Monday, February 8, 2010

Smart Planet


If you aren’t reading yet, you should be. It’s one of the few sites about science and technology that is exactly what it claims to be – intellectual and topical, also incredibly diverse. If you enjoy Bad Astronomy and Wired, things like that, definitely add SP to you bookmarks -- because it's better.

Plus, I’m a bit biased toward any site that features NASA on its front page so often… and who listed me in their "Smart People" section! (Not that I didn’t find it equally humorous when FOX put me in their Weird News listings.)

Christina Hernandez, one of the writers for their "Pure Genius" blog, called me for a Q&A style interview, which was a nice twist! Of course, this format can make me sound like a clunky talker, since speech patterns don’t always come across eloquently in print – but it also cuts down on the possibility of being mis-quoted and allows for greater sharing of detail.

NASA Study on Smart Planet
Above many other articles, I like how this one turned out... because I loved talking to Christina! And not just because she looks almost exactly like my real-life younger sister, LOL… although I did find that amusing. She was well-prepared and truly fascinated by the NASA projects, and moreover had an impressive array of intelligent pieces under her award-winning belt.

This interview also marks the first time anyone ever asked me any sort of political or financial question. I find it a bit gloomy that such ideas have recently come to the forefront of everyone’s attention, as opposed to the fascinating science inherent in the study projects, but I suppose it was inevitable.

I do truly believe that no matter what happens in the current budget climate, steps forward won’t stop – nor will the knowledge gained be any less significant based upon the timing in which it is utilized or implemented. My personal opinion means precious little in the big picture, but I was grateful for a chance to express it. So let’s keep spreading the word!