Tuesday, February 16, 2010

On The Road Again

STS-130 Tweetup
Headed back to Houston! Over the next couple of days, I’ll be at Johnson Space Center for the much-anticipated STS-130 Tweetup!

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We’ll be talking to astronauts, flight controllers and other various personnel as we discuss Shuttle Endeavour’s current mission to the International Space Station. And our visit will be on such an exciting time for the ISS crew! As of today, the new Tranquility Node is up and running. Tomorrow, the third and final EVA will take place, and the following day, the entire crew will hold a joint conference to discuss their activities and show off the new viewing Cupola...

Astronauts on the ISS
Stay tuned for updates as we are let loose all over the JSC campus for glittering, twittering merriment!

And while we're on the subject of Twitter...

Web Analytics Demystified, Inc. brought us Twitalyzer. Yes, they were serious. Their seriousness eventually resulted in (like, wow) 400,000 users... and you will notice who is at the very top of their metrics:

In the above analytic, Clout, as defined by Twitalyzer, is the relative likelihood that particular feed name will appear when searched for in Twitter.

In the columns, Influence is the likelihood that a Twitter user will reference the user, or retweet something the user has written. Impact takes into account the number of followers, unique citations, plus frequency of both tweets and re-tweets. Generosity is the percentage of updates in which a user retweets other people. Lists are pretty self-explanatory in the Twitterverse, and more in-depth explanations of all criteria are available at http://twitalyzer.com.