Sunday, January 31, 2010

Golden Gate


Must take a break from the gloom, and share this; forgive my random foray into photography. My California friends will love it... and understand why this sort of thing always makes me just a tad homesick.

Astronaut Sōichi Noguchi shared this wonderful pic of the Golden Gate Bridge from space, isn't it breath-taking?

Golden Gate Bridge From Space
For many years now, the GGB has been named the most photographed man-made structure on Earth. Honestly, I've never really understood why the orange bridge over the Golden Gate Strait captivates the way it does, but there is just something about it! San Francisco natives and non-natives alike can't seem to put their cameras down.

Thought for the day:
Our planet has existed for billions of years, but only in the last half-century have any of its inhabitants developed the technologies to see our natural biosphere and our creations from above in such serene and amazing ways. Low Earth Orbit photography is unique to the populations living today, and if you took a time machine back to any other era to show these photos to people... they wouldn't believe your descriptions or visual evidence.

In fact, you'd probably be burned at the stake.