Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Click The Spacesuit


While trolling around (which I've been doing for years and probably not even seen a fraction of the available pages!), I discovered the amazing "Interactive Spacesuit Experience."

NASA Spacesuits
Still waiting for the matching handbag...

The importance of spacewalks and the reliance on spacesuits during work on the International Space Station cannot possibly be overstated, and this beautifully photographed site is an awesome way to get a feel for the complexities of Extravehicular Activities (EVA) in micro-gravity.

Web site visitors can also:
  • Learn about hard-to-do moves in a spacesuit.
  • Review past eras in the 'Evolution Of The Spacesuit' history.
  • Checkout videos about the spacesuits of the future.
  • Read about designers/engineers who create and test suits.

NASA Spacesuit
Occupational Reality

Did you know that astronaut gloves have tiny heaters in the fingertips? Any idea what a "Snoopy cap" is? Check out the "clickable spacesuit" and learn all the different components, 14 (!!) layers of materials, adult diapers, water-cooled underwear, control panel, life support... and don't forget your EVA task checklist!