Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Top Ten of 2009


National Geographic calculated their most-viewed articles in the Top Ten Space Finds of 2009. Such an exciting year in space exploration! The punchlines include:

10. Star Crust Is Ten Billion Times Stronger Than Steel
Making it the strongest known material in the universe! Do the Klingons know??

9. Could Jupiter Moon Harbor Life?
The seas of Europa have enough oxygen for fish-sized animals.
Use them together. Use them in peace.

8. 32 New Planets Found Outside Our Solar System
Bringing the number of known extrasolar planets to more than 400. So really, how hard could it really be to relocate Rush Limbaugh??

Extrasolar Planets
7. Liquid Water Recently Seen on Mars?
Globs on the leg of the Phoenix Mars Lander that behave like liquid water.

6. Most Earthlike Planet Yet Found May Have Liquid Oceans
Gliese 581d has much in common with Earth… surf's up!

5. Particles Larger Than Galaxies Fill the Universe?
Neutrinos might each encompass a space larger than thousands of galaxies. There's a Wal*Mart joke in there somewhere.

4. First Proof of Ancient Mars Lakeshores Found
High-resolution pictures reveal three-billion-year-old shorelines along what was once a 400-square-mile lake.

3. Water on the Moon Confirmed by NASA Crashes
LCROSS kaboomed and the resulting vapor plumes found... hydroxyl?

2. "Two-Tailed" Comet Buzzed Earth in February
Green-glowing Comet Lulin swung by for a one-time visit, never to be seen again. Hmm, if only I could convince my family that my name is "Comet Lulin."

1. Sun’s Odd Calmness Hints at the Next "Little Ice Age"
A cooling effect on climate? Oh, this debate could take up an entire blog… (please just not mine ;)