Monday, December 14, 2009

Status, Mr. Scott?

Two more entries have been added to Scott Saslow's index, completing parts 7 and 8 of his ongoing journal. Nurse Michael was also kind enough to take a recent photograph of Scott so we can observe him in all his gravity-less glory...!

Pillownaut Scott
Wow, does that ever bring back memories! Many moons ago, after I had been evacuated due to Ike, longtime reader Ray Robinson left a comment on a post-rehab blog post:
"You might consider prompting others at the study to take up the mantle of blogging. Considering the attention this blog generated, it would be a shame that this window into NASA activities be closed."

I agreed! But boy, it took a long time to find another dedicated writer who was in it for the long haul. Now that I finally have, I also get to relive what it was like on the ward... I can certainly relate to the "not wanting to ask for help all the time."

Space sickness is different for everyone, though I also got backaches and nausea at first…followed by the same leaky tear ducts. And I also used my stomach as a mousepad during two of my studies – that truly made me laugh aloud. Even just small daily challenges like getting through the water pitchers, and filling the time with movie after movie after movie after movie, LOL... those sound easy at first, but you do still have to make it through each day, following all the strict protocols with your sanity intact.

Thanks for sharing your journey with us, Scott!