Monday, August 17, 2009

Rover Sighting


I honestly can't believe my own sheer-dumb-luck sometimes. After I left the testing labs, I caught sight of the in-development Lunar Electric Rover (LER)! I see trams and tourist shuttles from time to time, but I was surprised, having never seen the rover just randomly rolling around the streets. What a treat to get so close!

Lunar Electric Rover
I took some pictures of the front and back, but couldn’t make out who was actually driving it. When I was on Facebook the following day, I noticed a home page post from the NASA EDGE crew – turns out it was them!

Their crew was filming a promo for a special to be added to their vodcasts… using space suit designer/engineer Joe Kosmo as the driver and suit systems branch crewmember Barbara Romig riding shotgun. (She also manned the rover in Obama’s Inaugural parade.)

I’ve added all my new photographs to the end of the Houston-JSC photo gallery in my Picasa Albums.

NASA EDGE will likely have it on their main page very soon; they have already uploaded some great video clips and photos (way better than mine) on their NE Facebook page.