Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Pillownaut Articles

The NASA studies are on the top of the WIRED.COM website this morning, featuring an interview with Ronita Cromwell, the project's lead scientist. I also gave a few subjective comments about what it's like to barter your body out to science, and they borrowed some pictures of both myself and Devin (plus his artwork!) from our galleries.

NASA StudyThe author, Alexis Madrigal, was following up to bedrest pieces he had written last year. His article about how "NASA wants you to get in bed" was the first time I read about the studies, and decided to apply. So I got a chance to let him know he was the reason I found the project -- and we had a good laugh.

The Science blog at Wired is truly one of the best on the web -- they always have fascinating material, and I'm tickled they actually used my silly, made-up word, "Pillownaut." And that's the second one! While I was in California visiting family, Popular Science also published an awesome article from interviews done back in May.

NASA StudiesRebecca Boyle is a very precise writer, spent more time with me than most interviewers have, so she really nailed the accuracy in a way that others haven't. For example, FOX has covered it for two years and even after all the details their reporters give them, their editors keep calling it a "sleep study!" on television. Which it isn't. Obviously. But I guess that "sounds" more dramatic. Those of us immersed in the project know all the tiny details, and it can be frustrating to see it "watered down" in the press -- but these two most recent articles are definitely among the best.

Thank you so much Alexis and Rebecca! I am sure this will help the program coordinators get some new qualified applicants!