Friday, June 19, 2009

Moon Poll

It's not news, it's CNN. Yesterday, the "most trusted name in news" ran an interesting moon poll. Alas, it's already gone from their website -- which is weird, because polls sometimes sit there for days -- but I snapped a screenshot of the final score before it was replaced.

Some text responses to the poll on FARK and Wonkette:

Nabb1: Would I have to join a HOA?

trapped-in-CH: I'm a little too old now, but in my 20s I'd have given a limb or a spare organ to live on the moon.

blick: bang! zoom! to da moon alice!

dabishop: I wouldn't mind opening up a driving range there. "Nice shot, Mr. Gates; that one went 2,400 yards."

Kar98: I live in rural Texas. Might as well live on the moon. Anybody in Austin looking for a computer guy? Or a painter?

Lando: I'll start up our own WWW up there (I'll call it the MWW). Since we'll be in low gravity it will be even FASTER than Earth's! It's science.

dijetlo: Any chance that the 23% who said yes is the Republican base? If so, let’s get started, we just need a really big sling shot.

FP: Trick question, it doesn't specify which moon.

Mild Midwesterner: Sure, I would love to live on a sound stage in Arizona.

WhatTheHeck: All youse guys who want to go, we’ll call Moonies. And please live on the dark side of the moon so we don’t have to see you lunartics.

NBunny: Next poll: Would you...
(a) Like to swing on a star.
(b) Carry moonbeams home in a jar.
(c) Be better off than you are.
(d) Undecided.