Monday, February 2, 2009

Sleeping On The Job

Whenever the Space Flight Simulation Study was in the press, it was rarely enjoyed its proper name. Since micro-gravity is best simulated by a tilted bed that takes pressure off the lower extremities and allows blood to pool in the head, it became colloquially known as the "bedrest" study. Folks seemed to enjoy pouncing on that word and further translated it into "sleep study."

Save FOX Houston and a few printed mentions, most media outlets tended to "happily overlook accuracy" in order to sensationalize what might grab attention. So, many articles hyped NASA's project as a "sleep study" or advertised "Get paid to sleep!" Convincing people that we did not, in fact, sleep all day was an uphill battle. We slept from 10pm to 6am, with no napping during daylight hours.

So for all the people who genuinely wanted a job where sleeping was the main requirement -- your dream has finally come true:

NY Museum Seeks Women For $10 Per Hour Sleep Art: Exhibit Described As 'Living Sculpture'

Women only. Sorry guys, I guess y'all have to be awake to qualify as "art."