Thursday, February 5, 2009

CNN Coverage

I found a press piece at CNN Health while surfing various links about skeletal studies:
NASA Bone-Loss Test Sends Man To Bed For 84 Days
(Includes video report from Dr. Sanjay Gupta)

Paint me surprised that no one among our writers & readers trolled by this... hundreds of people emailed me far shorter articles last year! And considering it was a nearly-identical NASA Spaceflight Simulation study, I couldn't believe I missed it -- until I saw the date: September 16, 2008. We of the Gulf Coast persuasion had just rushed out of Hurricane Ike's path, so our minds were... elsewhere.

However, the Cleveland Clinic was still going strong with their studies -- which, unlike ours, included exercise on a vertical treadmill. (I also have some footage of subjects "running" on this extremely cool contraption, on the Squidoo Lens and in my YouTube Channel Favorites).

NASA Study

Anyway, fascinating article... and I like how they emphasized the dual purpose of application in both space for astronauts, and on Earth for osteoporosis sufferers. I hear rumblings of possible treadmill exercise studies beginning in Galveston soon...