Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Space Show


TOMORROW! 9:30am Pacific Time! I hope you'll join the spacetweep fun over at the The Space Show with Dr. Livingston, where I'll be co-hosting a show at the invitation of Dr. Livingston! After our discussion a couple weeks back about the NASA space flight simulations program at Johnson Space Center (JSC), he took the initiative to find the initiator of the research projects, Dr. Duane Graveline!  In the morning, we will be interviewing him together about his lifetime of space-related research, and his experiences with the Soviet BioAstronautics program.

The Space Show with Dr. David Livingston

Friends, this is "THE" talk show about all things space. But why am I telling you this? If you're a reader of mine, you already know all about it and are probably a regular listener, since I've promoted many of his guests on Pillow Astronaut over the years, such as my blogger bud A4H Brian Shiro, Lunar luminary Dr. Paul Spudis, Apollo 9's Rusty Schweickart,  and Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Radio stations generally limit their questions to a 5 to 15 minute spot for science topics, but this will be well over an hour, and of course, I always welcome a chance to speak about my passion for NASA research.  It is a great honor to be able to speak with such an amazing radio and media guru, who brings so many truly important space science subjects to public attention.  Together, I know we have lots of great questions for Dr. Graveline, one of the "scientist astronauts" of NASA's early days in Group 4 (1965).

David Livingston Space Show

In fact, in preparing to write this post prior to the show, I was trying to thinkg of a space-related subject he has NOT discussed, and I can't. From research to rockets, asteroids to aerospace companies, government policies to exoplanets, SOFIA to CubeSat,NASA to DARPA, Kepler to Kennedy, he has covered it all, and gotten everyone's opinion about it!

Falcons and Dragons and Dream Chasers, he leaves no stone un-turned about the new developments in commercial space initiatives as well; so, definitely check out his website and explore his many esteemed guests.

His motto? "Space is the path to a better future for all people on Earth."

If you haven't found these resources already, you can also follow updates and details about shows and guests on The Space Show Twitter Feed, and Dr. Livingston's personal page.