Tuesday, December 4, 2012

NASA Headquarters!


NASA Headquarters! Ah finally, a trip to the Mother Ship!

I flew into Washington DC this past weekend to meet with east coast pals, see NASA Goddard, revisit the National Air &Space Museum at the Smithsonian and... attend another amazing NASA Social with press and spacetweeps!

Heather at NASA HQ
Note the worm logo! Time for a re-carve??

NASA HQ will be hosting an event today with California astronaut Joe Acaba, who launched to the International Space Station on a Russian Soyuz this past May, spending 123 days as part of the Expedition 31/32 crews.

He returned to Earth in September after four months in orbit. During his time on the ISS, he supported the arrival of the first commercial resupply spacecraft, the Space X Dragon capsule!

Acaba had previously spent 13 days in space during Space Shuttle Discovery's STS-119 mission to the station in 2009, where he conducted two spacewalks.

Really? Can't wait for it to show up!

Today at NASA HQ, Joe Acaba will speak about his missions, and you can follow all the action on NASA Television, beginning at 10:00am Eastern Time, and most likely going to 11:30am or Noon. We'll see how long the Q&A lasts.

You can also follow along on Twitter, of course. The Pillownaut feed will be updating all morning, as well as fellow spacetweeps @AgilistaAG, @VaxHeadroom, @VAStarGazer, @SpaceLauren...

... or just follow the #NASASocial hashtag and choose some new friends! So wonderful to be at such an amazing event in the Nation's Capital!

The White House
Dropped by Obama's pad while I was in the neighborhood