Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mike Massimino on Big Bang Theory


Characters launching in rockets and floating in micro-gravity? That's a first for a prime-time situation comedy!

Big Bang Theory broke new ground with their story arc about the International Space Station, even if they skipped the part where the engineering nerd didn't undergo actual astronaut training. We can all forgive the sitcom, however, since they bring science and laughter in our living rooms like never before…

AND… TONIGHT! NASA Astronaut Mike Massimino returns for his third cameo, so be sure to tune in this evening, Thursday, October 4th to see his continuing adventures with Howard Wolowitz – this time, in orbit! He will be featured a fourth time on Thursday, October 18th. So mark your calendars, and remember to watch CBS at the correct local time for your zone!

Dr. Michael J. Massimino, veteran of two Space Shuttle missions (STS-109 in March 2002 and STS-125 in May 2009), which serviced the Hubble Space Telescope (HST), is on Twitter as @Astro_Mike!

Mass is also now a veteran of late night appearances with David Letterman and Craig Ferguson. He was quoted as saying he thinks this may be his last cameo on prime time, but considering Big Bang Theory is now contracted through 2015, we all know Hollywood will come calling again!

Aside from Mass, the Big Bang Theory Wiki now includes scientists Stephen Hawking and Neil deGrasse Tyson; also, Star Trek stars Leonard Nimoy, George Takei, and Wil Wheaton… Quite the Nerdgasm line-up! 

If they score Shatner and Nichols in future seasons, BBT writers and producers are on track to score a record number of Star Trek characters and real-life science heroes. However, they will have a lot of catching up to do with astronauts. The record for most NASA space travelers on one show is still held by Home Improvement. Waiting for someone to break it!