Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hurr Durr Derp, Da Panits!


I honestly don't even pretend to know what most of the DERP posters mean... in my day, we just said "DUH"! And the internet wasn't around, so we could share the DUH in person.

I thought this was quite interesting. Someone DERPed the entire solar system! And how gratifying to know that Plooter was included for the sake of the dwarf planet enthusiasts!

Hurr Durr Derp Da Panits
From all all of us here on Da Urff, a big welcome to any potential life on Markey, Veens, Mahz, Joop, Snatter, Anus & Nuptin!

Who knows, after a few more millennia of devolving into "Idiocracy", perhaps these will be the true spelling of our planets! ;)