Monday, March 5, 2012

On Justin Bieber's Fence


So what is everyone's problem with Justin Bieber, exactly? Is he ugly by today's standards? Adolescent girls don't seem to think so, and if hair styles are any indication, a whole lotta adolescent boys don't seem to think so either.

Can he not sing? I've only heard one song, and sought out a few clips on iTunes just to hear him. I probably didn't hear enough to judge, but my musical tastes were set in the 1980s, and he isn't precisely my cup of Darjeeling. However, the sound didn't fling me into convulsions or scramble for the mute button.


Seems an astronomer wants to put Justin Bieber in space ... "to help jump-start the emerging suborbital spaceflight industry."

Also seems some people have a problem with this. Why? I remember a similar suggestion involving Lance Bass of 'N Synch a few years ago. Space tourists who can pay millions have trained for missions and gone to space. In our consumer cultures, how big of a stretch can it be to have a promotional passenger?

I Bing'd the kid on the internet. Justin Bieber's biography says he taught himself to play four musical instruments as a child, living in low-income housing with his single mother. He also played hockey and chess on organized teams. Doesn't sound like a silver-spoon story to me. Sounds like a normal, well-rounded kid who created exactly the sort of rise to success that capitalist societies should laud and admire.

So what's the problem with him being a cute teenager? I'm not sure what the bashing bandwagons are all about here. What am I missing?

I'm thinking this guy would be an easy sell...

In the first place, I support more Canadians in space. The Canadian Space Agency is amazing, and could use a great deal more attention if one of their citizens took an early commercial flight. There's no reason the first splash should be American.

In the second place, anyone selected would go through the same qualifications process for varying types of flights, and no one gets out of the requisite training. If Justin Bieber couldn't handle the drills, he would not be cleared for launch.

In spite of the positive press this might generate, and widespread interest from age groups that space agencies CLAIM to seek, every single article I've read about this young man has included thinly-veiled insults and snarky digs. Seems petty.

Why not give him a chance?!