Monday, January 30, 2012

Third Rock Radio


I infrequently attract flak for being a NASA cheerleader, but the truth is, I honestly don't care to blindly promote things if I don't follow the mission, won't use the product, wouldn't buy the plane ticket to see it launch or haven't tried the platform.

When NASA collaborated with RFC Media in Houston to debut their Internet Radio Station in December, I could have announced it, but preferred to listen for awhile to get a feel for material, advertising, ease-of-use, social media spread, etc. Why should I tell you to check it out if I'm not entertained by it, right?

NASA 3rd Rock RadioWell, I don't know what I was waiting for, because of course it ROCKS! Designed to speak Geek to the tech-savvy, 3rd Rock launched as "America's Space Station"and in just 30 days has gained over 5,000 fans on Facebook and over 2,000 on Twitter. Thousands of listeners have tuned in via web, iPhone or Android to hear fresh rock hits, and also healthy doses of Indie and Alternative Rock songs.

Space news and NASA mission updates can be heard by low-key DJs between such artists as The Kooks, Hotcakes, Switchfoot, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Joy Formidable, MGMT, Jimmy Eat World, Avenged Sevenfold, Bravestation, The Heavy, The Vaccines, Filter, Jack's Mannequin, Amazing Baby, Placebo, Glasvegas, Keane, Hum, Snow Patrol, Phantom Planet (cool name, that), Gorillaz, Foo Fighters, Radio Head and Blink 182.

Third Rock Radio
What a ride! And those are just a handful of the many artists I've heard over the past few weeks as I've listened on my PC, my laptop and also on my smartphone. Some were new to me, and others were old favorites, but it's a cool enough mix to keep me tuning in daily.

(However, when I hear Katzenjammer and go scrambling for the MUTE button, I have to admit I may no longer precisely be in the main demographic, LOL!)

Third Rock Radio is also a great place to hear about job opportunities at NASA centers, SpaceX, and other high-tech companies helping to shape the modern aerospace industry. So if you're studying to be a scientist or engineer, this is a good place to hear employment ads for your target companies.

Third Rock Space Station Radio
Ironically, in all my visits, I haven't once heard them play the song "Third Rock From The Sun". Must be a little too Marie Osmond for them ;)

Go visit or simply, or soon, the radio section of Apple iTunes.