Saturday, November 13, 2010

Space Crafts VOTING Begins!


And here, "crafts" takes on a new meaning... not hardware, but artistic creativity! Joanne Campbell, alert reader at Dragonflights of Fancy, sent me a link to Etsy, who teamed with NASA to invite their artsy & crafty population to commemorate the end of the Space Shuttle Program by creating an original handmade item inspired by the Shuttles and/or space. The winning artwork might even be flown on the final mission.

Exploring this web site has been the most fun I've had online in weeks. I am continuously amazed at how NASA inspires people all over the world!

Etsy and NASA Contest
NASA Etsy Craft Contest: To the Moon & Beyond

I spent the last hour examining all the amazing pieces of art, clothing, jewelry, novelties and toys generated by this contest, and even found some gifts for a few friends! I voted three times, once in each category:

* 2D Original Art (painting, drawing, mixed media or flat collage)
* 2D Art Reproduction (photographic or computer-generated print)
* 3D Art (any size or material, wearable art, soft sculpture, etc.)

I was particularly impressed by the Space Shuttle hats, the cleverly-named Moonscape Moon Cape, and Baby's First Shuttle Launch Kit (sure beats baby's first Christmas ornament). The 2D categories were also fantastic, including everything from puzzles to iPad Covers to Family Trees in the form of constellations (!!!)

Etsy + NASA Contest Entries
Vote For Your Favorites!

Even if you don't care to vote or shop, I encourage everyone to go have a look at the stunning array of creative items the contest inspired in so many artists.

Public voting will continue for another week, up through November 19, 2010, and is intended to yield 20 finalists per category, whose entries will then be reviewed by a panel of Etsy, NASA and guest judges to choose the contest winners.

Please note: I have no affiliation with Etsy, and gain nothing from sharing their contest. As ever, I keep my blog free of ads and refrain from encouraging anyone to shop for any particular product. I appreciate all the links sent to me by readers who think I might find things interesting, and only promote them on my blog if I DO personally find them interesting! Thanks Joanne! =)