Wednesday, October 13, 2010

FAP Happens


Subtitle of this post should be The Scientist II... continuing from the last post about Ronita Cromwell, head scientist of the Flight Analog Program (FAP) for the past 3 years.

She prepared a marvelous slideshow about all the various analog programs that support NASA investigations, such as NEEMO (NASA Extreme Environment Mission operations), Haughton-Mars simulations, isolation experiments in Antartica, and medical simulation studies.

Some of my blogger-buds, such as Amnon Govrin at Spacepirations, Brian Shiro at Astronaut for Hire and Laksen Sirimanne at The Sky Is Not The Limit have participated in these programs... definitely check out their great blogs for details. I have yet to nail an interview with someone who has been in the underwater NEEMO habitat. Searching!

The latter portion of the slideshow will be of interest to folks considering their application for the new iRATS medical studies at NASA. She included details about screening, the specialized diet...and slide #16 shows "my" old room at UTMB on Galveston Island, LOL! But perhaps it could be yours soon...

Dr. Cromwell also spent 25 years in academia as a faculty member at a number of universities. Her research was in the area of visual and vestibular control of dynamic balance. She began by focusing on physiological mechanisms for dynamic balance and then applied this to fall prevention in older adults.

While I, of course, have always been most interested in her work for NASA in the area of human analogs, her incredible history of publications over the past decade is impressive... and some of them truly drive home the message that “analog” studies for space flight can also be incredibly beneficial to medical conditions we face on Earth:

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What a list! Kinda makes me wonder what I've been doing with my time...