Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wake-Up Call!


Wake-Up Call! And for once, I am not talking about Congress.

This is about a fun song contest being sponsored by NASA to choose the final wake-up music selections on the last two Shuttle flights. (Yesterday it was announced that STS-135 was approved and now only faces budget hurdles... so this may be for the last three shuttle flights. We'll know soon.)

Anyway, behind the music:
If you're one of those lucky people who has a true ear for music and passion for melodious creations, submit an original song by January 10, 2011 for screening by the NASA panel. Top entries will be posted on the website for public voting… so hey, even if you don’t win, lots of people will hear your work!

NASA song contest
The top two songs will be played during the STS-134 mission, scheduled to launch next February.

If, on the other hand, you're like me and once suffered through 10 years of piano lessons but still suck, fear not. NASA compiled a list of their "Top 40" wake-up songs from missions over the years, and you can vote for two to be played on STS-133, due to take off in just a few months.

Of course, I had to vote for the Star Trek theme song (which is almost winning)... and Metallica’s Enter Sandman (which definitely isn't).

If STS-135 makes it to the launch pad, I assume we will just contract the newest American Idol winner to swim alongside the ISS in an MMU and serenade the crew in multiple languages. I might even finally buy a TiVo for that.

For a wonderful backstory and full list of all flight music requested by astronauts back to the Gemini program, see NASA History Division's full Chronology of Wake-Up Calls.