Monday, July 26, 2010

Evasive Maneuvers


I know, I know... I said I was going to "lighten up" last week, and then got all re-suctioned back into the vortex of space politics and senatorial wrangling and other signs of the coming solar flare apocalypse.

I thought to myself, I'll do a summary and a week's worth of "Happy Posts" and then think of some deeply meaningful scientific theme for August. I'll start with what makes me happiest. Space. Hockey. So this would have to be the best photograph of all time: astronauts and hockey players together.

Astronauts Dropping the Puck
Happy! Hockey! All week long, I promise not to say the words Senate, Congress, President, Government, Budget, Constellation, CNN, Oil Spill, Hurricane, Economy, negative, decline, calamity, torment, tragedy, consecotaleophobia or Inception.

Seriously, I loved that movie too, but we all probably need to shut up about it already. It's not like Leonardo DiCaprio discovered we can shoot diamonds out our tear ducts during REM sleep or something.

Back to happy and hockey. If anyone can explain that whole "Capstronaut" thing to me, I am all ears.

"You go out and buy an astronaut suit and you go to a hockey game, and you can't really be certain how it's gonna go," said the Capstronaut. "I thought security might take me down, but I think they've seen it all there. You know, you show up enough times dressed as an astronaut, everybody kind of gets comfortable with you."

If you say so =)

And yes, I meant summery. Not summary.