Saturday, May 8, 2010

Browncoats Forever!


Catering to the Browncoats again…! Too busy with all my various work projects to debate aliens anymore this week (though I could probably fill another whole blog with that subject!), so it just felt like a Firefly kinda day.

All hail the good ship Serenity!

Last year, I tried my hand at creating a new application on the Facebook interface, centering on Captain Malcolm Reynolds quotes.

Captain Malcolm Reynolds
Since then I also developed applications for Jayne Cobb and Inara Serra. A fellow Browncoat in England, Mrs. Joanne Campbell, created similar generators for Zoe Alleyne & Hoban Washburne, so we are burning our way through the entire cast...

And people sure are eating it up. Between us, and with precious little promotion, we’ve now collected over twelve thousand users on the five Facebook fan pages in less than 6 months! Whoa. You could say I got yet another lesson in the viral power of social sites.

We also uploaded all the quotes from the Firefly episodes and the Serenity movie into our Discussion tabs... so if you want a particular line, you can just keep hammering at it until you find the one you wish to post.

Firefly Facebook Applications
Ah, the empire that could have been...

Please come try it out! Each quote generator per character links to every other generator. Become a fan, post a review, or share your favorite quote or episode on the Facebook Wall.