Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mars 2112 on Broadway


Here’s a first for me... a foodie review?? New York's hottest place for intergalactic dining and entertainment! Mars 2112 is a 35,000-square-foot space-themed restaurant and exotic-cocktail bar in Times Square. So next you’re visiting the Big Apple, be sure to check out this journey to Mars.

So says their hosts: "Our red carpet is 36.4 million miles long and we'll roll it out for you!"

Mars 2112 Restaurant
Their amazing Crystal Crater houses a three-story crystal tree, covered by a glass canopy that affords an amazing view from the Martian skies with the Earth visible beyond. The 300-square-foot Window To Mars displays a kaleidoscopic combination of elements and majestic views of the Martian landscape. So I've heard. I'm taking the word of their website until I'm able to travel to New York again.

Meet Her Royal Highness Empress Glorianna, the blue-skinned ruler of Mars, who favors dresses from famed cosmic fashion designer Oscar de la Rocket. Head of her imperial guard is Captain Orion, protector of all visitors to Mars. Never far behind is QTP, who will dazzle you with her ability to quick-solve math and science equations while you enjoy your Martian cuisine (actually a mixture of Indian and Asian fare, but don't blow the ambiance).

Mars 2112
While touring through the bi-level 'planet', visitors can learn all about planet Mars, such as its rotation, revolutionary orbit, landscape, mountain ranges, temperature, atmosphere and all the spacecrafts that have visited to date. Play games in the Cyberstreet Arcade, and don't skip the cosmic gift shop!

So clever. We need one of these in Vegas, too. In fact, we need a whole theme park. There's room in Kansas.

Rounding out the theme are the Mars Constellation Academy and Martian birthday parties for the younger space travelers, featuring Gemini Cheeseburgers, Solar Flare Chicken Fingers & Pluto's Pasta.

Mars 2112 New York
Mars 2112 is not a theme restaurant, it is, rather the home of the world first space-travel event dining with an uncommonly forceful theme. - Newsday

Tries to create an experience on the Planet Mars ...It is ready for shooting to resume for the original Star Trek! - The New York Times

Last but not least, and what makes them a truly unique facility – look for the orange button that says Etiquette for Earthlings and watch their short Vimeo. It gives rolling views of the interiors, and shows how their character education contributes to their community. WOW. I mean really, WOW. Awesome job, Mars 2112.