Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Now Hiring: AstroNOT


Special thanks to longtime reader Rick Vaughn for today's find! The original post, Astronaut Needed, is still on the Best of Craigslist for Calgary (Alberta, Canada). I also swiped a screenshot, since I'm sure even the greatest hits eventually expire, and here's one worth keeping.

Astronaut Needed
Clickit to embiggen...

The hilarity just sprays all over the room as you read it. Because if there's one way to keep your "secret space craft" under wraps, it's to advertise on Craigslist! (Which, incidentally, is the 27th most popular site on the internet.)

Trek to Titan? Count me in -- I don't even mind the "one way trip" part! I have to say, I'm impressed with their choice. This largest moon of Saturn (and second-largest satellite in the solar system) is considered by many to be an example of an "early Earth," though you'll want to bring a parka and some earmuffs, given its distance from the sun.

The atmosphere of Titan is mostly nitrogen, and its climate is ruled by seasonal weather patterns (including wind and rain); further, it’s the only celestial body besides Earth where evidence of surface liquid has been detected, so it’s a strong possibility microbial life may already exist there.

Nevermind that it's nine astronomical units away from Earth. I'm quite sure there are fuel stations along the way, constructed by other "advanced aeronautics scientists." Ironically, our mystery jedi asks for candidates to be "mentally sound." Classic.

LOLCat Saturn
So, was there an interview process? Did the lucky choice get his $25 grand up front so he can party before the big trip?

If this isn't just a moment of creative scribe whimsey between a couple of Bob & Doug McKenzie fans up in the Great White North, I get the idea that this "shot at romantic history" will end in a psychiatric hospital sometime soon.

On Venus, of course. Or Banff. Banff is nice.