Saturday, October 10, 2009

Space Pagans


These are everywhere! It's definitely not my imagination -- there are far more space costumes out there than the previous few years. My hockey bud & fellow All Hallows Eve addict Mrs. L e-mailed a link to a particularly interesting Junior Astronaut ensemble on the Costco site (pictured above), and curiosity led me to google space costumes in general.

Junior Astronaut
I only have one question -- where are the girls? Every single site I perused, of which I believe AMAZON Costumes was the most cost effective, showed little boys as models for these get-ups. The American record-holder for days in space is a woman, and we have astronaut Barbie and all... so how come no little trick-or-treating space girls? Hmmm...

Happily, I have a great picture of miss Michelle at the Space Trader in the costume section. This was actually taken last April, since it's one of the few spots that sells these all year long.

Michelle at the Space Trader
Michelle at the Space Trader, Houston
o totally one of my favorite pictures ever...

Of course, I probably shouldn't complain, seeing as how I do the Vulcan thing every year and have also never bought one of these costumes; but if anyone does have a daughter who wears one of these, I'd sure love to know about it...