Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Used Shuttles 4 Sale

When I first saw this on the web, I thought "The Onion" was having some goofball contest, and initially ignored it. Then I got an alert from a NASA mailing list, saying they were indeed soliciting ideas for retired space shuttles.

NASA Astronaut

Atlantis, Discovery and Endeavor will need new homes after 2010. Of course, I expect a fair amount of nut jobs to submit flippant notions:

  • Prop car for next Batman film
  • Move to Las Vegas Strip and convert into casino resort
  • Park in San Francisco and run a Starbucks from the payload bay, see if anyone actually notices...
  • Donate to Ringling Brothers, as they've clearly run out of things they can teach monkeys to drive
  • Space Spa: "Free Vulcan Neck Rubs Inside"

... but in reality, here's hoping at least one goes to Rocket Park, and others find dignified homes befitting treasured American artifacts. NASA's request went to educational institutions, science museums and other organizations to discuss ways to "acquire and publicly display the space shuttle orbiters and engines after the conclusion of the Space Shuttle Program."

The price tag to move space hardware will be a hefty one, so all the planetariums who want one for their dome ornament need to get moving on some fundraisers. Can’t wait to see where they make their final landings...