Thursday, August 14, 2008


I made a list of all medical tests done in the Spaceflight Simulation Study, and started writing descriptions. The first page shows brief details on the multiple blood draw collections.

The navigation sidebar on the right has a new link to the full TEST * Descriptions page, and from there, I'll start populating other links.

Of course, after the spirited hits from the past couple days, this will have all the jubilant spontaneity of a real estate closing, but there it is.


Azure45 said...


Stumbled on your blog last night at wanted to tell you that I'll be flying down to Galveston sometime in the next 3-4 weeks for my final week of testing and evaulation before I get fully accepted.

Do you think you might be available then for some chatting on the study and to ease my mind a bit on what I'm getting into?

Bill said...

The word "flan" (besides being the dessert described above) also refers to fans of Firefly. The word was quickly adopted after Nathan Fillion slipped up when he meant to say "Firefly fan" but it came out as "Firefly flan."

PillowNaut said...

LOL, thaaaat’s what I was looking for... someone called me "flan"
and I also saw it on the Firefly forum link, so I wondered why they added an L to "fan." So thanks Bill! Also found it in the Wiki under Browncoats. Seems the captain dude was a good sport about it by joking "keep being good flans" after the flub so it became an in-joke amid the convention-going set. Funny :)