Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Day In The Life

Hockey-Chica Rene of Santa Clara, CA writes: Something that might be interesting -- Give us a time table of a whole day!
A blow-by-blow list of activities here at Camp Couch Potato? Not at all riveting, but I'm all about the "ask and ye shall receive" thing.

06:00 - Woke up to Simon & Garfunkel

06:01 - Morning news rounds on CNN, MSNBC, FOX...

6:14 - Vitals check by Nurse Achamma

6:32 - Big scary scale rolled in for weight check

6:44 - Debated sticking a sharp object into my eye, or just turning off the news

6:45 - Turned off the news

6:46 - Wondered why I always watch the [eternally BAD] news

6:47 - Booted laptop to login to numerous accounts; still trying to catch up with email tsunami after being on television.

7:10 - Respiratory/Circulatory assessment by Nurse Tammy

7:14 - Humbly amused by a guy in the Ukraine who passed me links to articles in cyrillic. Seems I made the news in Russia, and they have another reason to think we yankees are all fruitbat crackers.

7:30 - Breakfast (Eggs & cereal with juice)

7:44 - Caught up at,, and lobbed an email back to a Pittsburgh Pens fan who wanted to know what team I follow. San Jose Sharks mostly, since northern California is my home ground, but I'll pretty much stop channel flipping when I see any large angry toothless Canadians on frozen water.

8:00 - Turned off computer to read my book

9:00 - Stretching exercises routine

9:30 - Wrote some postcards

10:00 - Rolled to Shower

10:30 - Emails while listening to music... Jeff Buckley, Tracy Chapman, Pink, Sammy Hagar

11:15 - Read National Geographic magazine

12:00 - Rolled to common room to watch "The Bucket List" with Devin, Marcus, John & Richard

12:30 - Lunch (Burger & veggies) during movie

14:00 - Massage by Cristalla

15:00 - Emails & music... Unckle Kracker, Savage Garden, Lisa Loeb

15:15 - Vitals check by Nurse Nicki

16:00 - Stretching exercises routine

16:30 - Read National Geographic (Same one. They're thick!)

17:30 - Dinner (Salmon & wild rice) while watching "Forensic Files" on TruTV, and you really shouldn't watch that show while eating ANYTHING ;)

18:00 - Watched a Vin Diesel film... also checked out the new materials at favorite links: and hilariously-tasteless Joe Go into the GAMES section and play "Blend the Boss!"

19:02 - Respiratory/Circulatory assessment by Nurse Jackie

20:00 - Emails

21:00 - Wrote this blog post, and will read my book again until lights out

So there is my big fat strenuous weekend. Tomorrow I might even strain myself to make a phone call.


NotSoccer Mom said...

so are you getting bored yet? or still trying to make your way from one end of the internet all the way to the other?

PillowNaut said...

LOL, yep and that may take awhile. But no, I'm far from bored... It's actually getting kinda funny to me that my friends and family are so afraid I'm "Bored." For the past couple years, BORED is what I WAS with my ridiculously long car commute and tech job; and oddly, no one was worried about me then!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Pillownaut! I have been reading your blog pretty much every day after my buddy linked it to me (I assume after reading about it on SlashDot). It's rare that I do something like this I think, and even more rare that I would post a message to someone I don't know personally but I just want to say it's continually fun to read what's going on day to day and what you are going through. Congratulations on finding an awesome experience that you can hang on to and tell whomever whenever in your future.

I will also leave you with a link to help you with your search to find the other side of the internet. I first read this woman's story a few years ago but recently looked it up again because it's so interesting to me! I hope it can help kill some time for you and provide an interesting read.
-Andy from Phoenix, Arizona

NotSoccer Mom said...

oh but i always worry about you! most recently because i thought you were working yourself too hard. being bored would have been the last thing i'd have guessed!

Christy said...

Holy cow. Your day sounds busy. I am jealous though. A 1 hour massage every other day? I think I have had 4 real massages in my whole life. lol...with all those massages I guess you have to keep your legs shaven. Hmm...that has to kind of be a pain in the butt. Lounging around and being kind of lazy but having to maintain a good shave (all the time).

PillowNaut said...

You say that like shaving isn't usually a pain in the butt anyway!!

Mrs. L said...

Thanks for the timeline...but what books are you reading?

simplypink said...

What a day! I had wondered about boredom too, but it looks like you don't really have much time to be bored. Thanks for visiting my place. I'd read about you at Barbie's and NSM's so it was like a visit from a celebrity. ;) Thanks for what you're doing!