Wednesday, August 20, 2008

15 Minutes

Seems publicity for the Spaceflight Simulation Study has crossed oceans since we were on FOX News! I really want to thank all the friendly folks who have emailed links to articles or their own online blogs/journals for links and pictures! The downside is the occasional misconception about this being a "sleep" study in some forums... but otherwise it's all very positive. We've been mentioned in:
My name is hard to spot in that last one: Арчулетта Хетер. I can skate through most of the text in the other languages, though here's the one I genuinely cannot read; click on the graphic below for the full screenshot:

I gather the red-pointed text is "Pillownaut" or "her blog" because that's where the link goes from Slashdot Japan if clicked.


barbie2be said...

you mean japanese isn't one of the languages you speak? they have hockey there... ;)

Kurohyou said...

I'll help her remedy that ;)

Diane said...

Oh wow, that is amazing girl!

pavlos said...

I follow your blog but using IE is unforgivable. Please use Firefox.