Monday, August 18, 2008

Another Day, Another WinSCAT

After yesterday's question about mental testing, I posted a description for our main psychological assessment. Every couple weeks, we are given questionnaires to measure any possible signs of depression, anxiety or changes in behavioral, appetite and/or sleep patterns.

At various intervals, we are also given the S-CAT or WinSCAT, which rates the level of your concentration, working memory, attention, short-term memory and mathematic skills.

All TEST Descriptions are accessible from the sidebar link, or click here to go to the WinSCAT page directly.

Today In History
Got a fun email from my mother today... part of her "Thought of the Day" theme, so I always know she's thinking about me :) Today she writes:

"August 19 is a United States national observation that celebrates the development of human flight. The holiday was established by a presidential proclamation in 1939, which designated the anniversary of Orville Wright's birthday to be National Aviation Day. It was to recognize the contribution of the Wrights and other pioneers in the world of aviation. We've come a long way, baby!"

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Candace Rambow said...

Ahhh so mother, like daughter!!!!! I am proud of you Heather!!! I am going to miss you all when I leave tomorrow!!

PillowNaut said...

o thank you sweetie! yep, we loves our hockey jerseys, LOL. i'm proud of you too, you did great with your study but we're so sad you're leaving us :(

Diane said...

Aw, You and your mama are so cute!!!

Thursday's Child said...

Which one is you and which is your mom? ;)