Tuesday, August 5, 2008

FOX News New York

FOX News called me for interviews... I just held the phone until they reached my segment in their line-up, but Marcus was kind enough to record the TV so I could see it later. This is "Fox & Friends" regulars Judge Andrew Napolitano, Gretchen Carlson and Brian Meade. The first clip (30 seconds) is them discussing the project and bone issues, and the second (2 minutes) is me on the phone.

Another longer interview is on the FOX website. Click to see the file in the SciTech Videos section under "Don't Let The Bedbugs Bite." This third one is 8 minutes long, and Alisyn Camerota asked me a fair amount of questions.

I'd like to point out one thing if you watch: based on no comment of mine, Steve Doocy inexplicably accused me of "complaining about the food" -- which, for the record, I have never done in any interview or privately. Complained about the headache? Oh heck yeah... but I've mentioned many times that the food was far better than expected.

Don't mistake the unease with which one gives up salt, chocolate, soda, alcohol, caffeine, etc. --but I wouldn't want it to get back to the South Six Kitchen that I don't appreciate all their hard work. These very dedicated folks must measure and weigh precise portions of all different kinds of vitamin and/or protein-rich foods in order to CUSTOMIZE meals for every study resident, based on weight, caloric requirements, and the occasional nutritional assessments made from our blood draws. And they do a fine job. I'll be giving more details about the food in a later post.


Vex said...

Worry naut, Pillownaut!

Those who care for you and feed you know how you feel, and appreciate what you are doing.

ThatTallGuy said...

It's Faux News; they're used to making up whatever bits they like. You should feel grateful that they let the bulk of your message through without yukking it up or manufacturing an entirely different story. There are entire websites dedicated to exposing and correcting FOX's "mistakes".

My favorites are when some Republican lawmaker gets embroiled in a scandal and FOX misidentifies them as Democrats. :)

neuroscience said...

Good to hear you survived the storm ;) Are things on the floor feeling back to ~normal?

Arellanova said...

hey pillownaut. about the food. I'd like to try this with you. I have been thinking of fasting from doritoes for awhile, and it always helps to have someone or some set time frame to push yourself to your goals. What is not allowed?

arellanova@gmail.com - if you have the time.

P.S. I'd try the laying down too, but my job requires 8 hours of sitting with a phone to my head:P Keep up the good work. The more you lay, the quicker they can figure out what to do for people like me in sedentary jobs who sit all the time loosing bone mass.