Thursday, May 28, 2009

Study Completed!

PillowNauts Special Thanks to the "Arts & Crafts Crew"
Michelle, Heather, DaVonne, Jessica

Still achy, but happy to be home anyway! Well, not precisely at home just yet. After having a bit of trouble "re-adjusting" last year, my eldest brother took me in for a few days this time. He's taking care of me until I feel comfortable being on my own. I SHOULD have been smart enough to do that last year, and it's probably an over-reaction this time. We did our safety measures backward! However, it's nice to have a small cushion, and spend some time with family after being away for a month. And I won't lie -- he's also cooking for me, which totally rocks.

Meanwhile, miss DaVonne busily finished her butterfly and family frames before going head-down! So we have some new pictures in the Art Gallery.

NASA ward
She'll be adjusting this week, so everyone please send Miss D some good vibes! I know what it's like to be at -6 degrees, and the first week is definitely the roughest. But after she adjusts and gets into a good routine, she can take the reins and do the next television appearance! ;)

Thanks to everyone for following along! I've really enjoyed all the comments and emails, though please forgive me for going so slowly. I really try to answer everyone, it just takes some time! I'll continue blogging about interesting simulation studies and perhaps share my next road trip. We'll also be featuring space history, more space trivia... and there are more celebrations all around the NASA sites for the Apollo program this year.


Sach said...

Its been a pleasure following you! :) No problems sending Miss D some extra good vibes either. Nice of your brother too. If I were to cook for my sister, there'd be a much higher chance of an act of food poisoning or something to occur!(I'm just bad at cooking).

And with that I'd like to repeat what Gene Cernan said for themselves before leaving for the last time to come back to planet earth: 'Good Luck, God Bless, and God Speed Heather Archuletta!'

(Well he didn't use yr name in particular, but I'm sure he meant something similar'):)

Carmi said...

Saying a prayer for your family member. Life has an annoying way of going on despite our best plans. May you all return to health in short order.

Travel safe...and thank you for yet another amazing window into an amazing pursuit. I wish more folks understood how important this was, and how significant your investment will turn out to be.

YOUR Activities Coor. said...

I am very glad to have meet you. I wish you the best... Michelle

brian said...

Congrats for your perseverance. Thanks for the frequent and interesting posts. I've enjoyed following your blog.

PillowNaut said...

Thank you so much everyone!! :)

R2K said...

: )

Anonymous said...

Strength and hope during your California visit. Your blog is greatly appreciated.