Thursday, May 21, 2009

FOX News Houston

Well, the NASA ward was featured on FOX News again last night, following up from last year's stories. This time, a lot more of the crew got some face time. There's nurse Tammy! The chap in the snazzy tie is Joe from Johnson Space Center, followed by Andy, lunar bed Jedi.

Alas, Sarcasmo is visiting his horse farm in Iowa, so he couldn't be here to wow us with his views on male leg-shaving. Maybe next time.

Look closely, you can see one of my Apollo 40th Anniversary shirts. Each subject gets one, and that particular one is currently on sale at The Space Store.

The print story about the lunar study (also links to the post-hurricane clip) is in the "Weird News" section of the MyFoxHouston website... LOL, well someone finally put me where I belong!


Sach said...

I'm SO close to asking you for an autograph! I might just, one of these days! You plan to release any photos of you that people can buy and get autographed? ;)

flowrush said...

you can see my laptop in the background, yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa lol


PillowNaut said...

LOL, goofball... ;)

Mrs. L said...

Why am I not surprised you're in the weird news section! :)