Monday, May 11, 2009

STS-125 Launch Day

I am glued to NASA Television this morning, and all seven astronauts have been "loaded" into Space Shuttle Atlantis. Truly exciting! I always love watching the preparations for a trip into space. Weather is clear in Florida, and it looks like they will take off as planned around 2:00pm Eastern time.

NASA TVClick for NASA-TV Web Feed

This mission was scrubbed last year, rescheduled a few times, but it's finally go for launch! I'm also watching the web live-feed at the NASA-TV page, which anyone could sneak-peek, even if you're at work :)

Or if you have more time and bandwidth on hand, an even better spot is the Kennedy Space Center Feeds page. The 15 different channels show crew prep, different angles of the launch complex, and also a weather feed. Web and regular television switch back and forth between many of these, but if you go directly to this page, you can control which one to watch during the live commentating.

Kennedy Space centerClick for KSC Web Feeds

The crew of STS-125 will be replacing and repairing the Hubble Space Telescope's many gyroscopes, computer components, and scientific instruments.

This final servicing mission should allow the telescope to operate as an "enhanced" astronomical viewer for many more years. Pretty incredible that this amazing orbiting observatory that's been scanning the universe for almost two decades!


Mike said...

Keith Olbermann seemed upset last night that the Hubble mission was so dangerous that they had to have the other shuttle in ready position for a possible rescue launch.

I thought he was making way too much out of it. NASA is being especially cautious here, but they don't have the benefit of evacuating to the space station should something go wrong.

PillowNaut said...

i've been reading that too, and just hoping everything goes smoothly. i don't see the reason for the fuss about Endeavor being prepped. there's always a plan B where possible. astronauts know the drill when they go up. space travel is DANGEROUS, and they train for YEARS with that firmly in mind. that has never changed. (and it doesn't seem to stop people from applying!!)