Saturday, May 23, 2009

Home Town Rag

A writer and photographer from the Austin-American Statesman newspaper visited yesterday, and wrote a story about both NASA projects for the Science section of today's edition. My friend Karyn in Austin found it before I did, and left this missive on my Facebook wall this morning: "my dad called to say you were front page!!"

NASA Research Studies
I guess he still likes print, as I do. Of course, at the moment, I can only read the online version of the interview at ... but this is the subscription I read at home, so it's exciting for me! Not that it isn't fun being on the news in Houston, but I was very happy my local press was helping to spread the word.

This next piece was more of a surprise. Moon Daily, one of the five branches of the Space Media Network, ran a story on the Lunar Study, delving into great detail. However, I have no idea how they got the information. I got no calls or visits, and wouldn't have known about it, if not for an astute reader on Wyle's Psyche staff. Good catch Daphne! :)

NASA Lunar Study
That picture was taken last August by a FOX photographer, so mayhap unbeknownst to me (or knownst to someone at JSC), they are affiliated somehow. It's a mystery!


Anonymous said...

Hello! When I saw the picture of you in the paper, I thought about these glasses:

They have worked great for me!

Brandy, SC said...

So fun! In your hometown! (Well, almost) After all this they should just send you to the moon base when it is built. You would go too, wouldn't you.

Sach said...

NO not at all! I hope this doesn't mean that you plan to stop blogging! Because there might be people (me not included) who may have gotten somewhat attached to reading the blog everyday. Hey - for all you know the new blog posts might be there one reason to get out of bed each day!

Mrs. L said...

Thanks for the road trip link since we're headed on one this summer. Alas, it isn't anywhere near you (maybe next year!)