Monday, December 26, 2011

Space Commercial of the Year


Dream come true for one special lottery kitty!

Of course, I wish there were more space-themed commercials to choose from, but across the board, I have yet to see anything during the Superbowl that tops this! Enjoy :)


Anonymous said...

Would you rent a wonder woman costume and wear it for photographs and show for me for christmas prezzie ... ?


Anonymous said...

I just a burger & fries with a glass of red wine recommended by the waiter and that might have been my single most Californian moment ever.


I'm an ordinary person researching and working at what my opinion is about science and the possibilities of what men could be?

Isn't that good enough?

Is NASA the be all and end all for you?


The captain of a boat has the credentials for marrying ... ?

Would you marry someone for a year? As an agreement?


All pre nuptial? What would you want from an agreement?

Half of a mans company?

Thanks for being nice that's what I've work at being and it isn't necessary giving something I've not worked for. ?