Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mars500 Tweetup!


In early November, the Mars500 crew left the isolation of their spaceship when they "landed" back on Earth after a 520-day mission simulation to the Red Planet.

Mars 500
Following the official hatch opening, the crew faced continued medical checks and follow-up studies that were compared to their pre-simulation data. Alexey, Sukrob, Aleksandr, Wang, Romain and Diego (the latter two are keeping everyone updated from their Twitter accounts) will for some time remain under the eye of the mission controllers as data is analyzed, but can now enjoy all those things they probably took for granted before in life... family and friends... sunshine and trees... life on Earth!

Some members of the crew are on a rock star tour of sorts, attending PR events sponsored by the ESA for the European members in France, Italy and Spain. Each of these are designed to communicate their experiences and early sim results to teachers, university students, media and other space agency reps.

On December 6th, a Mars500 Tweetup was held in Rome for a select lucky few; Luca Di Fino of Rome, who tweets under the @ Luke2375 handle, was kind enough to share some of his wonderful photographs from this fun event.

Mars500 Tweetup
Romain, Kate, Stefania & Diego...
The Mars500 crew and the AFSC crew!

Two of the attendees of the Tweetup were none other than @SpaceKate and @Stelgys – you may remember them from the Mars500 All Female Symbolic Crew, a group of science-minded ladies who closely followed the Mars500 project over the past 2 years.

Luke is a physicist involved in the ALTEA experiment aboard the ISS who also writes the ALTEA Space blog in English and the LucaDiFino blog in Italian. Both carried reports of the Mars500 Tweetup and fantastic photos.

Using the hashtag #mars500tweetup, he even compiled every Tweetup contribution from the event in Rome! Great job!

Mars500 Crew now consider one another
The Institute of Biomedical Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IMBP-RAS) recently published a Mars500 Simulation completion report, with an introduction by Roskosmos head V. A. Popovkin.

The 16-page PDF media kit includes details on psychological evaluations, off-nominal situations, Mars surface rock-collecting simulation, system verifications, crew health verifications, medical controls, and scientific programs of the mission.


mantic59 said...

You posted this just to annoy me again, didn't you? :)

PillowNaut said...

LOL, yes... I live to aggravate you! Just kidding -- I really am happy for all these amazing crew members ;)

lucadifino said...

Nice post, I'll give a look at the IMBP document and thanks for the acknowledgement!

Stelygs said...

Let's get our sails ready because...yes we can, we can make it to Mars! Psychologically speaking, at least.
The two brilliant Marsonauts looked in great shape and good spirit. And they haven't even lost anything of their wouldn't imagine the tremendous emotional pressure they endured, being cut off from the world for 520 days. You would even say their unprecedented, demanding adventure has enriched them as human beings: “….this was not a journey into the cosmos, but a journey to know ourselves and our minds, to realize how important respect and communication are …, how fundamental are the links to the real world, thin and fragile as they may be…”. “We somehow ended up feeling a little bit more human than normal, by having been taken ‘away from humanity’”. “Forget about the things you don’t have and squeeze all the juice out of the things that you DO…!”
Thank you for the post , Heather. And thanks, Luca, for the memorable photo. PS: we missed our AFSC crew mate a lot! :)

PillowNaut said...

Wonderful, thank you for the all the details! You have no idea how I wish I could have come to Rome for this. Or heck, just how much I wish I could get back to Italy for ANY reason, LOL...! It is so great that you got to meet and speak to them after following the project for so long. Glad you enjoyed reading a second-hand account, for those of you who were lucky enough to be there!! :)


I like it! :D Good job! :D

Best wishes for 2012, from Spain!

José. :D