Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Space BAH of the Year


Just when you thought there were certain staples in life you could count on.
Time Magazine released their annual Year in Review book. 138 pages for $35. Casey Anthony and Justin Bieber got larger photographs and text blocks than the Space Shuttle Program, 1981-2011. Lady Gaga got two pages. No joke.

That's right, space fans. 30-year program benefiting all humankind via exploratory science, medical + agriculutral + biological research, and international relations? One paragraph.

Berserk bimbo in a bacon dress? TWO. PAGES.

Lady Gaga vs. The Space Shuttle
Some of my pals tried to comfort me by saying they wouldn't buy it, and agreed it was ridiculous that pop culture trumped science, politics and nature. A few asked about other public figures, which I had to try to recall from memory, because I sure wasn't about to buy that book.

Kim Jongs Il & Un shared one page. The Iceland volcano also had its own page. No mention of bin Laden at all. The movie "Avatar" filled another two-page spread.

So, I say to Time Magazine in 2011... Bah!


WarPony said...

Ugh. That is pretty disgusting. I'd expect that from People magazine but from TIME???

Sci-Fi Gene said...

I feel your pain. However it may raise your spirits to know that a meat-based spacesuit is in development...

PillowNaut said...

I thought the exact same thing! In "People" it would not surprise me, but I didn't expect TIME to cater to cheap sales ploys over historical information.

And excuse me... MEAT SPACESUIT? What what what? Where? 8\